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Pre-construction Services

By collaborating and planning early, STB can identify opportunities for efficiencies and improvements for construction projects of any size. Our team offers valuable insight through early analysis of scope, design, budget, schedule, building systems, materials, equipment and subcontractor partnerships. Informed decisions throughout the pre-construction phase can significantly impact time and cost.

During the early phases of project planning and pre-construction, specialists from our virtual planning/BIM, MEP and Sustainability Centers of Excellence will support the project team with analysis and insights that help significantly improve decision making. During this early phase and throughout the project, STB enhances collaboration through our InterACT suite of tools and processes. The combination of early expert advice and enhanced collaboration optimizes and improves every one of our projects.

STB pre-construction services offer many advantages:

> Value Optimization

Our experience helps identify construction practicality, cost-effective purchasing and logistics practices that meet project scope and budget – without compromising function, quality or aesthetics.

> Efficient Scheduling

From material and labor availability to site safety and logistics, we understand the many challenges of completing a project on time and within budget. We partner with clients to develop and manage real-time project schedules that reflect our decades of experience and innovative thinking.

> Cost-Effective Purchasing

Based on project goals, estimates and insight gained from pre-construction planning, we can help guide, coordinate or execute the purchase of materials and subcontractor services.

Our approach includes best practices and processes to support:

Scope Development:

To start, we gain a comprehensive understanding of project scope and challenges. We bring valuable insight to design review, sustainability strategies, building systems, material selection, project quality, cost and completion requirements.

Project Scheduling and Compliance

A viable initial project schedule is essential to schedule compliance. We use powerful project management scheduling and reporting tools to plan, track, manage resources and control costs early and throughout the course of the project.

Value Analysis:

Starting with pre-schematic budgets, we work with owners and design teams to align scope, quality and project costs with the target budget. We use our benchmarking, program and cost model tools to examine project components and explore potential efficiencies without compromising function, space needs or aesthetics.

Conceptual Estimating:

STB has extensive experience with construction budgets and costs – and data. Our benchmarking, program and cost model budget alignment process results in a highly accurate cost estimate prepared in the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format in the earliest stages of each project.

Constructability Reviews

Our expertise in understanding the practicality and cost-effectiveness of evolving designs encourages open-minded dialogue in exploring construction solutions.

Long-Lead Procurement

We catalog long-lead delivery items for review, offer cost-effective purchase recommendations and integrate delivery information with the master project schedule.


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